Introducing our store.

The interior of BLURRED CLOTHING, which opened on March 1st, was completed under the supervision of Mr. Taniguchi of BLUE BOAR VINTAGE .

We asked Mr. Hinai of "NUTS ART WORKS" to make the glass sign.

I had a meeting with them at their office for design consultation, and I was overwhelmed by their worldview and the array of artworks lined up.

What I requested this time was the old-fashioned method of pasting gold leaf on the letter frame using a method called "gold leaf."

Each letter of the classic logo is written with a brush .

When the door is closed, the mannequin can be seen.

When the door is open, the two doors overlap and become one lettering.

Paste gold leaf inside the frame of the handwritten letters and coat it to complete.

The meaning of "BLURRED" in BLURRED CLOTHING is "rubbed" .

I imagined the part that was slightly scratched and cracked when I created it.

Thank you very much, Mr. Hinai and Mr. Takahashi.